Birthdays On A Budget

I have been so guilty of spending way too much money on birthday presents and parties for my kids.  This year we are on a budget and we are not going to spend as much money on presents and parties. 

Here are some easy money-saving ways to have a cheap birthday party while still making it memorable.

1.  Make it a Brownie/ Ice Cream buffet party.  Have a table set up with brownies/ice Cream and all the available toppings such as, ice cream, sprinkles, whip cream, chocolate syrup and let the kids decorate their own brownie/ice cream.  Use what you have and try not to buy these toppings.

2.  Create a banner that says happy birthday by printing out the letters from your computer and gluing them to construction paper.  Connect using a thin string and then hang it up for everyone to see.  If you have scrapbook paper that you aren’t going to use then place the letters on the paper for a creative background.

3.  Go to Kaboose and click on the printable birthday invites for a tutorial on how to print your own birthday cards.  Lets just admit that the cards are great reminders but after the party we throw them away.  There is no since on spending a lot of money buying invites.

4.  Have the party at home.  Yes it is a lot of work to have a party at your house because of all the clean up work but I get motivated to clean if I am having a party.  Sometimes my husband wishes we had more parties at the house for this reason.

5.  Grab bags or treat bags.  Use candy instead of toys.  The cheap toys that we put in these bags will end up being left in the car or thrown away because they didn’t last long enough.  You can also give good treats such as Cheezits or other snacks.

7.  This isn’t the perfect party guide but it is a way to save money.  If you have other ideas I would love to hear them.


His Favorite Boot

My youngest son is three years old and absolutely loves to pretend.  He could play by himself all day long and come up with several different characters such as, a hunter, a police officer, a kitty, and so much more.

When he pretends he also has to really get into the story.  One specific character is a cowboy who hunts deer.  He explores the living room and hides behind the couch just so he can sneak up on a deer he to  kill to eat for his camp out meal.  He will come to us and ask if want to join him and of course we play along.  He has a wonderful imagination!

Here is a short story about this little cowboy…..

This cowboy not only loves to hunt but also loves cowboy boots.  One day the cowboy boots disappeared and were lost and so the cowboys parents  resorted to purchasing his other favorite boot, John Deere.

Time went by and the cowboy’s favorite boots were still lost, until one day one cowboy boot surfaced.  The little cowboy came down from the steps with this one boot on his foot showing his family what he had  found it.  He was so excited to have found this one cowboy boot.  He would put on one John Deere boot and one cowboy boot to walk around the living room woods. 

Even though this boot was his favorite, he had to let it go.  The other one was nowhere to be found and his family honestly thought he looked silly walking around with two different boots.  His Dad took the one cowboy boot and tossed it into the trash. Never seen again.

The little cowboy wasn’t too upset because he knew he had to let it go and hunting deer could be done just as good with his John Deere boots.


The other day we heading out the door to take the boys to AWANA’s, which is a church function that we take the kids to so that they can learn more about God and the Bible.  We were in such a hurry because I had let time pass and we were late.

We rode to the church while trying to rehearse their Bible verses for the evening.  We arrived and walked up to my youngest son’s class (the cowboy’s class).  We walked in the door and everyone one welcomed him with loving smiles.  I started to get him comfortable by taking off his coat so that he would be ready for the class. 

I looked down and with my amazement I said, ” OH MY GOODNESS!”  My son had two different boots on.  He had one that was the John Deere boot and the other that was the favorite Cowboy boot.

I looked at him and said, ” Col, you have two different boots on, baby.”

He said, ”  I know I found the other one.  Don’t throw this one away Mama.”

I then looked down at my other son’s shoes to make sure that he had on two of the same and yes he did.

I laughed and smiled and tried to explain to the teachers the situation.  I knew that when we walked out  of the door he had shoes on and that was what mattered.  I never would have imagined he would have two different shoes on and especially that particular boot.

Everyone laughed and thought it would be a good to remind him of this memory when he is older.


The whole purpose of me telling you this story was because for one, it was funny and for two, to show you that I’m not perfect.  You don’t have need perfect to be a parent you just have to try to do the best you can.  Laugh about the funny things and create wonderful memories along the way.


By the way!  I didn’t go back home and get him another shoe to match his John Deere boot.  I think that it would have broken his heart if he would have had to change out his favorite cowboy boot.

Free Udder Covers

Udder Covers is offering one of their nursing covers to you for free. All you have to pay for is the shipping. Use code “2010” at checkout to get your discount.

These are so cute and such a great idea. I have a few nursing moms that could use this for themselves.

I also posted this at Smart Shopping 2009 but I thought it would pertain to this website too.

Helping Others In Need

Everyone knows by now the devastating earthquake that hit Haiti this past Tuesday. My heart breaks every time I see the children and families that are on the road with no place to go or home to live in.
I thought I would reach out to the blogging community to take a moment to pray for those that have been injured, lost a loved one, or lost all that they know.
We don’t realize how fortunate and blessed we are until something like this happens and then our lives and our troubled situations become so small.
If you are interested in giving to help the people of Haiti you can go to CNN or click here for a list of creditable organizations. You can also contact your local news station by going to their website for more information.

There are churches in your area that are getting together to send items to Haiti so if there is something that you do not need or free items such as food you received by using coupons (Hint, Hint) then give these items to those that need it more.

I would love to hear from anyone that was able to give to help those in need or if you know of other resources that we can give to. Please post a comment on this post and lets inspire each other to go beyond ourselves.

If a man shuts his ears to the cry of the poor, he too will cry out and not be answered (Proverbs 21:13).

Bathroom 101: The Medicine Cabinet

I didn’t realize all that I had packed in our medicine cabinet until I started this chore.  I am glad that I have done it and I hope to keep it this way.

1.  Take everything out of the medicine cabinet and one by one trash old items or items that you haven’t used in the last 6 months.  If there are pills that you no longer need make sure that you do not flush them down the toilet but instead trash them.  Remember to also immediately take out the trash before walking away because you wouldn’t want your little one getting ahold of those prescription or non prescription drugs.

2.  After everything is out of the cabinet, wet a cloth with water and wipe down the shelves and inside walls.  Also wipe down the outside. 

3.   If you have a mirror on the outside of your cabinet, use glass cleaner to wipe off finger prints and other residue.

4.  Go through the items that were inside your cabinet and make sure they belong there.  I had several items that I could move and place in another room for better use.

5.  If you have razors that you store in your cabinet, use a small plastic cup and place them upright so that they are not lying around waiting to fall out.  ( This is the reason I had to finally do this chore!)  You can organize your tubes, antibiotic ointments and creams, in the same way.

6.  Place bandaids in a container if they are not in their original packaging.  I used an Olay Wipes container to put all my bandaids in.  It works great!

7.  Once you have thrown away what you don’t need anymore and sifted through the things that could be taken to other areas of the house, place items to keep back in the medicine cabinet.    Don’t just throw these items back in but organize for a purpose. 

       a.  Place items that are not child friendly on the top shelf.

       b.  Place bandaids, ointments, etc. on the lower shelf so that if there were an accident they could be easily reached.

8.  Now, stand back and look how organized and great it looks.   This is the way it should always look so KEEP IT THIS WAY!

Green Works Sample

Click here to get your free sample of Green Works Cleaner. 

Thanks, Shop4freebies

Kids Website: National Geographic

National Geographic Kids is such an awesome site for kids to visit.  There are games, activities, and tons of great information.

I learned that many birds feathers weigh more than their bones.  That is an interesting fact! 🙂  Think about what your kids can learn on this site.  My six-year-old had a great time looking at all the pictures and discovering new things about places and animals.