Kids Website: National Geographic

National Geographic Kids is such an awesome site for kids to visit.  There are games, activities, and tons of great information.

I learned that many birds feathers weigh more than their bones.  That is an interesting fact! 🙂  Think about what your kids can learn on this site.  My six-year-old had a great time looking at all the pictures and discovering new things about places and animals.


Danimals Website For Kids

It took a little while for the Danimals website to load but once it finished it was a really cool site. 

 My kids love the Danimals drinks in the morning before school.  On the days that we wake up too late to have a sit down breakfast, we can grab one and hurry out the door.  I have tasted them myself and they taste good (It’s one of those Parent things!  You have to try it before your child can eat it.)

Bloom will have these on sale and if your area has the Super Double Deal then they will be free or really cheap.  I will post the deal when it comes up, so you will get the opportunity to try them before your kids do. LOL!

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Do you like to try new products?  Of course everyone that reads this blog knows I do!

You now get a chance to try new products through a site called  This site is free to all and was so easy to sign up for.  It took me just a few minutes and I was on my way. 

Go here:—Be Heard. Be Happy.. , register and fill out your profile information.  Then go to your profile to see if you have any new offers available for you to try.

Kids Science Website Review

My six year old and I were on a mission to find a kids website that we could learn more about science. We finally found one called Zoom by PBS kids. Click here to check this website out.  The newest one is the Saltwater Tester.


masking tape

  • 9-volt battery
  • buzzer
  • 2 Popsicle™ sticks
  • aluminum foil
  • water
  • saltwater


Check with a grown-up before you begin.

  1. How can you tell if water is salty? You could taste it – or you could use a saltwater tester!
  2. A saltwater tester uses electricity to tell you if water is salty or not. Here’s how to make your own.
  3. First, cover two Popsicle™ sticks with metal – the ZOOMers used aluminum foil.
  4. Then, get a buzzer – you can buy one at an electronics store – and tape the red wire of the buzzer to the positive end of the battery. The positive end will have a plus sign on it.
  5. Next, tape one foil-covered Popsicle™ stick to the black wire of the buzzer. Tape the other one to the negative end of the battery. The negative end will have a minus sign on it.
  6. You can see if your tester is working by touching the metal together. This will complete the circuit and make the buzzer buzz. If it doesn’t buzz, check your connections to make sure everything is taped together in the right way.
  7. Now to use your saltwater tester, put just the tips of the metal in saltwater, about an inch apart. Make sure the two metal parts don’t touch. The saltwater will act like a wire, connecting the metal sticks, completing the circuit, and making the buzzer buzz.

For more of these type of experiements click here.

Kids Website Review: TVOkids


This is a new website that I found for kids ages 3 – 10.  This is Ontario’s most popular website for this age range.  There 12 pages of games on this website to play.  One that I found was fun and a great learning tool was Critter Crawlers. 

Click here to go to Critter Crawlers.

It will take you a while to go through all of these games so I would definitly put this website in your favorites to come back to later.

Website Review: ViewPoints


I love this website and I hope you will go check it out.  There are hundreds of different reviews on tons of different consumer products.  I searched for the new Bounce Dryer bar and 830 reviews poped up.  Wow now that is a lot of peoples views.  It would take you a while to read all of those reviews so a four out of five stars shows most love it.

If you are fixing to make a purchase and you don’t have coupons to make it cheap go to this website and check out the reviews.

Funny Game for kids to play

Drop and catch

I thought this was a really cute game and I wasn’t very good at it and neither was my six year old but we had a few laughs. Once you see it you will too. Click on the image to play Drop and Catch presented by DOLE.  There are other games to play.  I will be looking around this site a lot during this week for great ideas.  Keep on the look out for more to come.  Have Fun!