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Johnson & Johnson survey

Johnson & Johnson: Product Testing Opportunities

Sign up to join the Johnson & Johnson Friends and Neighbors program here. If you’re accepted, you’ll receive opportunities to try out full-sized products, give your feedback, and possibly even earn money for your time.  I took the survey and it took me a couple of minutes. 

Thanks, Money Saving Mom

Veggie Tales Website

We love Veggie Tales in our family and when I found this new website we got really excited.   There are tons of fun games and also a section for the parents to download fun imaginative guidelines.  Visit The Big Idea Website and see if your children enjoy it as much as mine.

Free Udder Covers

Udder Covers is offering one of their nursing covers to you for free. All you have to pay for is the shipping. Use code “2010” at checkout to get your discount.

These are so cute and such a great idea. I have a few nursing moms that could use this for themselves.

I also posted this at Smart Shopping 2009 but I thought it would pertain to this website too.

Helping Others In Need

Everyone knows by now the devastating earthquake that hit Haiti this past Tuesday. My heart breaks every time I see the children and families that are on the road with no place to go or home to live in.
I thought I would reach out to the blogging community to take a moment to pray for those that have been injured, lost a loved one, or lost all that they know.
We don’t realize how fortunate and blessed we are until something like this happens and then our lives and our troubled situations become so small.
If you are interested in giving to help the people of Haiti you can go to CNN or click here for a list of creditable organizations. You can also contact your local news station by going to their website for more information.

There are churches in your area that are getting together to send items to Haiti so if there is something that you do not need or free items such as food you received by using coupons (Hint, Hint) then give these items to those that need it more.

I would love to hear from anyone that was able to give to help those in need or if you know of other resources that we can give to. Please post a comment on this post and lets inspire each other to go beyond ourselves.

If a man shuts his ears to the cry of the poor, he too will cry out and not be answered (Proverbs 21:13).

Green Works Sample

Click here to get your free sample of Green Works Cleaner. 

Thanks, Shop4freebies

Publix Deals Posted

Publix Deals have been posted for week 01/13. Look at the top of the site for the Publix Deals tab. Click on the tab and see all coupons attached to the deal.

If you just want the free and cheap deals go to Smart Shopping