His Favorite Boot

My youngest son is three years old and absolutely loves to pretend.  He could play by himself all day long and come up with several different characters such as, a hunter, a police officer, a kitty, and so much more.

When he pretends he also has to really get into the story.  One specific character is a cowboy who hunts deer.  He explores the living room and hides behind the couch just so he can sneak up on a deer he to  kill to eat for his camp out meal.  He will come to us and ask if want to join him and of course we play along.  He has a wonderful imagination!

Here is a short story about this little cowboy…..

This cowboy not only loves to hunt but also loves cowboy boots.  One day the cowboy boots disappeared and were lost and so the cowboys parents  resorted to purchasing his other favorite boot, John Deere.

Time went by and the cowboy’s favorite boots were still lost, until one day one cowboy boot surfaced.  The little cowboy came down from the steps with this one boot on his foot showing his family what he had  found it.  He was so excited to have found this one cowboy boot.  He would put on one John Deere boot and one cowboy boot to walk around the living room woods. 

Even though this boot was his favorite, he had to let it go.  The other one was nowhere to be found and his family honestly thought he looked silly walking around with two different boots.  His Dad took the one cowboy boot and tossed it into the trash. Never seen again.

The little cowboy wasn’t too upset because he knew he had to let it go and hunting deer could be done just as good with his John Deere boots.


The other day we heading out the door to take the boys to AWANA’s, which is a church function that we take the kids to so that they can learn more about God and the Bible.  We were in such a hurry because I had let time pass and we were late.

We rode to the church while trying to rehearse their Bible verses for the evening.  We arrived and walked up to my youngest son’s class (the cowboy’s class).  We walked in the door and everyone one welcomed him with loving smiles.  I started to get him comfortable by taking off his coat so that he would be ready for the class. 

I looked down and with my amazement I said, ” OH MY GOODNESS!”  My son had two different boots on.  He had one that was the John Deere boot and the other that was the favorite Cowboy boot.

I looked at him and said, ” Col, you have two different boots on, baby.”

He said, ”  I know I found the other one.  Don’t throw this one away Mama.”

I then looked down at my other son’s shoes to make sure that he had on two of the same and yes he did.

I laughed and smiled and tried to explain to the teachers the situation.  I knew that when we walked out  of the door he had shoes on and that was what mattered.  I never would have imagined he would have two different shoes on and especially that particular boot.

Everyone laughed and thought it would be a good to remind him of this memory when he is older.


The whole purpose of me telling you this story was because for one, it was funny and for two, to show you that I’m not perfect.  You don’t have need perfect to be a parent you just have to try to do the best you can.  Laugh about the funny things and create wonderful memories along the way.


By the way!  I didn’t go back home and get him another shoe to match his John Deere boot.  I think that it would have broken his heart if he would have had to change out his favorite cowboy boot.


Kids Website: National Geographic

National Geographic Kids is such an awesome site for kids to visit.  There are games, activities, and tons of great information.

I learned that many birds feathers weigh more than their bones.  That is an interesting fact! 🙂  Think about what your kids can learn on this site.  My six-year-old had a great time looking at all the pictures and discovering new things about places and animals.

Fun Kids Website

Fun kids is a program for children between the ages of 3 and 8.  They have tons of recipes that you can let you child help you make an other ideas for fun entertainment.  Click here to check this website out.

Inexpensive Ideas for Toddlers

I noticed in the current giveaway posts, we have a follower that is trying to find inexpensive things to do with a one year old so, I thought I would dedicate this post to giving a little advice.

I am a mother of two boys , one is three and the other is six.  I have been there and I am sure there are plenty of followers that can tell you even more great things to do. 

One year olds and most all toddlers you can not leave them alone for a second.  If you think you can, then walk away for about a minute and see what you come back to.  A MESS!!!  That is what they do.  They love to explore and touch everything.   Things are touched and then a new thing has to be touch and so on.

Here are a few fun ideas that you can do to interact with your child.

1.  Gather a few objects around the house that may be new and some that they have seen before.   Sit across from each other and have each object behind your back.  Bring each thing to the front of you and say how if feels, what color it is, and how it is used.

Ex.  A banana:  Bring it forward and say yum, banana, yellow, and then let them feel the banana.  They will probably try to grab which then will cause a mess so before this happens peel it and let them taste or eat.

2.  Stacking cups.  Have you ever seen kids stack blocks and have just as much fun knocking them down?  Well, an inexpensive way to do this is to stack plastic cups as a pyramid and let them knock them down.  You can have fun with this too.  Be a kid again and knock them down! LOL!

3.  Craft projects are a little to old for a one year old and they will make more of a mess then you ever intended.  You can buy cheap finger paints, put them on some old clothes, plus a high chair ( to lock them in place) and let them go at it.  I say finger paint because it is the easiest to clean up.  My six year old loved to do this when he was little.

4.  With you around of course, let them put things in and out of the laundry basket.  We have several laundry baskets around the house that serve different purposes.  You can also place the small laundry basket over their favorite toy and play hide and seek with it.  This is always an exciting thing for them if you are also excited when they find it. 

5.  Using all sizes of Tupperware let them play by placing them inside of each other.  Simple but very effective!

6.  If you have little girls and even little boys, you can let them play with the umbrella strollers in the house because at this age they also really like to push things.  If you can find a cheap kids grocery cart this is also a very good toy because they can help you clean by making it fun.  They pick up their own toys and put them in their cart.

This is a hard age to deal with because it is the most time-consuming.  You are focused on them and what they can and can’t get into.  Trying to find new things can be hard.  Usually at this age if you buy them a toy they will play with the box.  At least that is what my two did. 

Time goes by so quickly and you will wish you had this time with them again.  Just have fun and breathe!

Fun Games for all ages

Play games such as, coloring pages, Jigsaw Puzzles, Can you find..(which I thought was pretty cool) and many more.  I really enjoyed this while I was sick and kept up in the house.

Kids Reading Website

RIF Reading Planet: Great website for the reader in your family!  This kids website has games, book zone, and activities through the Reading Is Fundamental.  Also check out Learning To Read for younger readers. 

Discover the Forest!

Free Book

You can print a 12 page free book of things to do outside. Click here to print yours.  There are several great ideas in this book for kids and the whole family.

You can also visit the website at discovertheforest.org