Menu Plan week Dec. 2

Click here for a menu plan you can use with your coupons and store deals. 

If you ever want to come back to this post I added a tab at the top of this website called Menu Plan.  This will make it easier for you later.


Publix Meal Deal : Progresso Soup

November 11, 2009 – November 17, 2009

Click  below and print the Meal deal according to the amount of family members in your home.  Because  not everyone is able to get the same coupons I have provided scenerios for the family of six.   There are plenty available right now but, during the week coupons start going away.  Check back throughout the week for more family deals.  If you like this and want your store published, please let me know.


Family of Four – Progresso Family Meal

Family of Six – Progresso Family Meal

Family of Eight- Progresso Family Meal


Click here to get your Publix coupon match ups at Smart Shopping  Progresso is the first one on the the list so it will be easy to find. 

And you are done.  Please notice on the under each scenerio section how much the cost per person.  Wow!  It is amazing how much you save eating at home instead of eating out.  And if you noticed this is going to be a really quick meal to fix.  Oh yeah…and healthy!