Free Ebook: Recipes for Love

New free ebook by Quality Health. Recipes for Love!

Wow, I can’t believe Valentines is next month.

You invest in your car, your house, and other assets so that they last. You should also invest in your marriage so that it will last for many years to come.


Free Baby Nursery Guide


Sign up at Baby’s Dream to get a free baby Nursery Guide.  It is a 36 page guide for expectant mothers who want to create a wonderful nursery. 

There is a limited supply of these so click here to sign up.

Betty Crocker Downloadable Cookbook

Most anyone can tell that I love to cook and try new things so when I happened upon this downloadable cookbook I jumped to it.  Click here to get yours.

Eight New Recipe Cards

Eight all-new recipes celebrate the regional traditions of the United States. Each one is truly unique, yet each begins with the all-natural flavor of REAL Butter.

Click here to sign up for your eight free all-new recipe cards containing all natural flavor of real butter.  There are a limited supply available and offered only in the U.S.  Hurry and get yours.

I also really liked this website.  Not only did the recipes make my mouth water but they also have a Kitchen With Kids Recipes and tips.  Click here to download and print your free copy.

Cooking with Stock, 6th edition

Do you ever cook with stock?

There are always coupons out there for the stock but I never know what put it with to make a good recipe.I found this cookbook that has 50 different recipes to cook with stock.  I signed up for mine and you can click here to get yours.

Free Photo Book Every Month!

You can get one free photo book per month per customer by going to and signing up.  There are advertisements in the photo book from their sponsors but they are tear off pages and not on the same pages as your photos.  Plus it is free shipping also.   

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Thanks, Money Saving Mom

Smithfield Menu Planner

Another edition of the Smithfield Menu Planner is out. My favorite and what looks like the easiest is the Cowboy Chicken Packets.  I have beans and chicken leftover from Christmas dinner that I can also incorporate into this meal.