The Financial Challenge

Shane and I have started on our journey to financial discipline.  We have come up with a plan to minimize our debts and maximize our savings.  Although we won’t be doing much of the savings until we can minimize the debt we are sure that with God in our plans we can make it on our way.

Here is a place to start.

The percentage guidelines for our family of four were way off and we have a lot of work to do. 

 To see what your percentage should be click on your family situation below.

Single Parent
Family of Two (Married Couple)
Family of Four
Family of Four (High Housing Costs Area)
Family of Six

The kids will be going to AWANA’s tonight so our plan is to sit down and talk about what we need to adjust and how, to be able to function with out stressing.  The table above is where we should be but it is not where we are going to be at the start of this.  I would like to challenge you to follow this journey and see what part of your life you can slim down on.

Thanks, Crown Financial Ministries for this free download