Now that Thanksgiving is over we are on our way to Christmas.  Yes, it is one thing after another. 

Just relax and enjoy celebrating what Christmas is all about.  I realize there will be tons of stuff to do before Christmas as always but if it wasn’t for our SAVIOR there wouldn’t be a Christmas right?

To start this Christmas planning off to a good warm start lets make a plan so that we don’t over do ourselves and can still remember the purpose.

First things first.

Plan a day that you can sit down as a family a remind everyone the meaning of Christmas.  Pull out children books to read about Jesus being born, color pictures, read out of the Bible.

****Here goes my list making agian…..

1.  Click here and play the video to the right to see a cute video to help remember the holidays during our catalog shopping events.

2.  Click here if you are interested in reading a book during the holiday that represents the birth of Jesus.

3.  Click here to print tons of nativity scenes for your children to color.

These are just a few ideas to start.  Don’t get me wrong I love Santa Claus and of course my kids love him more. They go and sit in Santa’s lap to give him their long wish list and we sit out cookies so he doesn’t get hungry the night of Christmas.  It is so much fun to share this with them but we should also teach them the other side of the story so that when they grow up they can still enjoy Christmas.  If you know what I mean!

Stay tuned for more to come during this wonderful Christmas year!


Free Children’s stories


I mentioned this website at the beginning of the month but I wanted to bring it to everyone’s attention again.

For over 20 years Focus on the Family has brought wonderful stories for children to listen to. Now is your chance to download your own free episodies of the Adventures in Odyssey. Click here  and click on free episodes. These free audios will only be available November and December.

Living Proof with Beth Moore Blog

I have started a new devotional book by Beth Moore.  She also has a blog at that you can follow and study.  I encourage you to take at the minimum of 10 minutes from your day to worship.  If you think about how and what you spend your time on during the day and the time that you don’t spend for quiet time.  Just 10 minutes out of your day.

I challenge you to try this for at least a week and see how much your life and especially your day will change from this. 

If you know a great author please let me know.  I also am a fan of Angela Thomas.  I have heard her at the Extraordinary Women’s conference two years in a row and she will make you laugh and cry all in the same series.

If you are interested in going with a group of us to the Extraordinary Women’s conference in 2010 in Greenville, SC please let me know.  We would love for you to join us.

Praise Him in the Storm

My family and I were victims in a crime yesterday that left us sleepless last night especially, my 6 year-old that didn’t understand. I wanted to post this to give God the glory for what could have happened but didn’t. It could have been a a lot worse. We should always remember to praise HIM instead of giving the devil all the credit. Yes I will keep my eyes and ears open more and yes my husband has now gone over where and how to handle all of the guns in case are put in that position again. But I do feel Gods protection and I am always amazed with how God takes care of his children. Thank you God for your protection.

Devotional and Challenge: Comfort Zone

All while we are growing up we try to fit in.  We are taught to become comfortable with ourselves and find our group.  We did this all through high school and do it now in our work places and sunday school classes.  We even sit in the same place at church.  We get comfortable and what is comfortable makes us feel happy. 

I challenge you tomorrow to get out of your comfort zone and find a way to put yourself in an uncomfortale position.

If we are always in our comfort zone then we can never do what God has planned for us. 

For example, if we sit in the same place at church every Sunday with the same group of people on both sides then we never have a chance to meet that one person we could have met and made an impact on.  It’s just a thought to think about this week and a challenge that I have put myself in and hope that you can too.

I would love to hear your opinion or any references in the Bible that you know of, where God set someone out of their comfort zone and it made an impact in someone elses life.  I know of a few but would like to hear from you.  Bring others into this post if possible.  Lets share thoughts and messages on this subject.

I pray that anyone who reads this is challenged to move and see what happens.

Thank you

I wanted to thank the people below for helping me get together all the donations for the Calvary Children’s Home that is located in Anderson, SC.

I delivered all the item’s today and they were so greatful for all the much needed items. This freed them up for a little while so that they can spend the funds that they receive on the children and other much needed items.

Thank you
Debbie Jordan
Dana Whitmire
and Serena Coleman at

I don’t blog about couponing much because there are so many resources out there to help everyone get free items or really cheap items. I usually look to three different websites to help me with this

Being able to go to these sites helps me coupon and get the items needed for several charities around town without having to pay a lot of money and sometimes nothing at all.

I advise all couponers that if you have any items you don’t need but can get them for free, stock up. Help someone else who can’t get out of the house for these items, or busy taking care of wonderful children all day like the Calvery Children’s Home.


This also is a great lesson to teach your children.

For example:

My 3 year old had gotten into some diapers that I was going to be giving away.  I told Cole what they were going to be used for and he asked if he could at least have one..  My husband, not realizing that is was part of my stash and that I told him he could have one for himself, told Cole to go and throw it away that he didn’t need diapers any more.

Cole’s response was, ” No we can’t throw this away.  There is a baby that doesn’t have a mommy and daddy and we are going to give it to them.”

Shane looked at me and said, ” Did you just hear way he said.”

With a great big smile I said, ” I sure did and Cole that is wonderful.”  He smiled and walked back to the diapers to it back.

What I hadn’t realized was that I was teaching my 3 year old how to give and care for others.  This was a blessing to me.


If you are a at this blog to learn how to make things fun for your family you are doing a good thing by trying to get involved with your child.

It is not always easy to be a parent.

The challenges of parenting can be a real strain on romance.  Always remember to make adult time.  If you are not able to afford a date night try getting the kids to bed early and serving supper just for the two of you.  This allows time for you and him/her to bond without children screaming or distracting you from each other. No one is born knowing how to be a great parent.  We have so many outside influences that can change our prospectives.  My advice is to always “live, laugh, and love”.   I know this is such a comman phrase but if you live your life with Jesus, laugh about life, and love your neighbor everything starts to come with a different perspective.

Think about these three words and how they can be applied to your life and see if it can change you!