Grandparents Guide: 100 free activities

Here is a great free guide for fun free activities to do with your family.  I am not going to become a grandparent for a long time but I printed this guide because it has some really great ideas for free family fun.  Anything that gives us free fun makes my new budget plan smile.

Great craft sites for free ideas:


Heart Soap Making

I love soaps and bath fizzes(bath bombs).  Bath time for me is a time to relax and enjoy quiet time.  Soap Queen has a wonderful tutorial on how to make these soap hearts.  I’m sure with this guide you can come up with your own soap ideas.

Kids Craft: Snowman Sock

I swear my washing machine and dryer are keeping our socks. We always have socks that never seem to find their match. I went through the socks today and found two of their Dad’s socks that didn’t match and we made snowmen.

Using what we have:
sock, fuzzy twisties (pipe cleaners), rubber bands, felt, makers, fuzzy balls, markers, pillow stuffing and eyes.

Here are our steps to making our snowmen. My three year old had a little help but he did a lot of it himself.

Cut the ruffled part of the sock to use as the snowman's hat

Stuffing the sock

Use the fuzzy ties and twist for the head

Cut the felt to make the scarf

Glue fuzzy balls to snowman

Home Depot: Do-It-Herself Workshop


My husband is an awesome builder and do-it-yourself craftsman.  Every once in a while I have an urge to want to do something on my own and see how it turns out. Not all the time but most, I have to call him in the room to help me fix or give me an idea. That is when I ask myself, what was I thinking. Of course time goes by and I forget about the hassle of the last project and I want to do it again.

Well, today I heard about a workshop that can help me learn how to update my bathroom as a do-it yourself project. Of course, I won’t be pulling out my tub for a new hot tub but, it can give me ideas on what I could do in the future for less money.

My kids have gone to several of the Home Depot workshops Saturday mornings with their Dad so now here is my chance.

Home Depot is having a Do-It-Herself Workshop on January  14th from  7:00 pm to 8:30 pm.  Click here to sign up.
As an added incentive they are partnering with My Coke Rewards to give you 20 bonus points. Not to mention any other special coupons they may give out.
Oh yeah and the best part is that it is free!!!

I hope to attend this workshop and learn all I can!LOL

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Coupon Organizing Tutuorial

I love couponing! I am very organized on how I do things, my husband may disagree, but when it comes to coupons and saving money I am OCD!  I love this idea that Kelleigh Ratzlaff did with her wallet.  The best part is that you can do this too because she has a complete tutorial on her site.  Click here to see detailed instructions on how to make this yourself.

I have tons of scrapbook paper that I can use to make one of these.

Winter Time Machine

Click here to make your own Winter Time Machine and then go here and experience the new Disney Possiblity Shop.

The Disney Possibility Shop was so neat and there were tons of ideas for new crafts.

Sparkly Snowflakes

Snow is on the way and if you live in some areas it is already here. To make your own snowflakes click here.