2010 Savings Tracker

Thanks to The Coupon Project for providing a free downloadable worksheet you can use to…

  • Easily imput your monthly and yearly goals
  • Enter data from your reciepts and let my preset formulas tally your spending, savings, actual-to-budget, and more
  • Track and manage your rebates (NEW!)
  • Determine how much you saved with coupons, store sales, and rebates
  • Have your monthly and year-to-date savings ratio update instantly

This is a detailed worksheet but if you are disciplined enough it will hopefully help keep you on track for 2010.  If you do not have Excel on your computer you can download it and then open it through Google Docs.


My New Year Goals

I am looking forward to my New Year Goals.  I have never really put myself to the test to keep a new year resolution because honestly I never thought I could keep them.  I am challenging myself this year to see what I am made of.  Here are a few New Year goals for me and my family along with my New Year Goals for this blog. 

My Families Goals for the New Year….

1.  Pay off our remaining credit cards so that all we owe is our mortgage.   At the first of the year we are going to sit down and go over what we can change based on how we did our finances last year.  I know of quite of few things we need to adjust in our budget.

2.  Keeping the house clean!  My husband is wonderful and for the last two months he has done our laundry, cleaned the house, and finished odds and ends around the house.  I am so blessed!!!!  My goal for myself is to keep it that way! (shouldn’t be that hard, right! lol)

3.  Work more on living with God in our life.  All the time we get off track and more recently we have than other times.  We regret those moments but by God’s grace he forgives and we have to try harder to stay on our paths.  I know that I am not perfect and there is only one perfect, Jesus.

The goals for this website…

1.  Be more creative and do more of my own crafts.  I love to scrapbook and come up with my own craft ideas and  I need to post more of them to share with others.

2.  To have more followers on the site so that there are more conversations and sharing of other great ideas.

3.  To use this blog to keep my family challenges on track such as our progress for financial freedom, more cleaning and organizing ideas, and sharing our path with God to others.

There are several other ideas I have for this blog but these are my main ones.

My Goals for my partnered blog at Smart Shopping 2009.com…

1.  Post more money-saving coupons and store deals

2.  Lead more workshops with my partner, Serena, so that we can share what we know and how we save so much money on our groceries.  ( I spend a minimum of $35 a week on groceries for a family of four that is on an off week)

3.  Serena and I have a great idea up our sleeves that we will be working on in the month of January and February that we hope we will be able to announce to everyone very soon.

 My Goals for my current job…

1.  I love my job as a bookkeeper at a family owned metal fabrication shop.  I want to show my appreciation by coming to work everyday with a bright smile on my face leaving my problems at home.

I have tons of goals that I want to keep this year and along the way I hope to be able to share these with you! 

Happy New Year Everyone!