Birthdays On A Budget

I have been so guilty of spending way too much money on birthday presents and parties for my kids.  This year we are on a budget and we are not going to spend as much money on presents and parties. 

Here are some easy money-saving ways to have a cheap birthday party while still making it memorable.

1.  Make it a Brownie/ Ice Cream buffet party.  Have a table set up with brownies/ice Cream and all the available toppings such as, ice cream, sprinkles, whip cream, chocolate syrup and let the kids decorate their own brownie/ice cream.  Use what you have and try not to buy these toppings.

2.  Create a banner that says happy birthday by printing out the letters from your computer and gluing them to construction paper.  Connect using a thin string and then hang it up for everyone to see.  If you have scrapbook paper that you aren’t going to use then place the letters on the paper for a creative background.

3.  Go to Kaboose and click on the printable birthday invites for a tutorial on how to print your own birthday cards.  Lets just admit that the cards are great reminders but after the party we throw them away.  There is no since on spending a lot of money buying invites.

4.  Have the party at home.  Yes it is a lot of work to have a party at your house because of all the clean up work but I get motivated to clean if I am having a party.  Sometimes my husband wishes we had more parties at the house for this reason.

5.  Grab bags or treat bags.  Use candy instead of toys.  The cheap toys that we put in these bags will end up being left in the car or thrown away because they didn’t last long enough.  You can also give good treats such as Cheezits or other snacks.

7.  This isn’t the perfect party guide but it is a way to save money.  If you have other ideas I would love to hear them.

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