Bathroom 101: The Medicine Cabinet

I didn’t realize all that I had packed in our medicine cabinet until I started this chore.  I am glad that I have done it and I hope to keep it this way.

1.  Take everything out of the medicine cabinet and one by one trash old items or items that you haven’t used in the last 6 months.  If there are pills that you no longer need make sure that you do not flush them down the toilet but instead trash them.  Remember to also immediately take out the trash before walking away because you wouldn’t want your little one getting ahold of those prescription or non prescription drugs.

2.  After everything is out of the cabinet, wet a cloth with water and wipe down the shelves and inside walls.  Also wipe down the outside. 

3.   If you have a mirror on the outside of your cabinet, use glass cleaner to wipe off finger prints and other residue.

4.  Go through the items that were inside your cabinet and make sure they belong there.  I had several items that I could move and place in another room for better use.

5.  If you have razors that you store in your cabinet, use a small plastic cup and place them upright so that they are not lying around waiting to fall out.  ( This is the reason I had to finally do this chore!)  You can organize your tubes, antibiotic ointments and creams, in the same way.

6.  Place bandaids in a container if they are not in their original packaging.  I used an Olay Wipes container to put all my bandaids in.  It works great!

7.  Once you have thrown away what you don’t need anymore and sifted through the things that could be taken to other areas of the house, place items to keep back in the medicine cabinet.    Don’t just throw these items back in but organize for a purpose. 

       a.  Place items that are not child friendly on the top shelf.

       b.  Place bandaids, ointments, etc. on the lower shelf so that if there were an accident they could be easily reached.

8.  Now, stand back and look how organized and great it looks.   This is the way it should always look so KEEP IT THIS WAY!

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