Bathroom 101: Clean The Shower Head

Today is Wednesday and I will be starting my bathroom cleaning 101 chore.  This will continue through Saturday because my birthday is Sunday and I am planning to do nothing on that day. 🙂

So here is a chore for you to start that should only take you a few minutes but will need to soaked overnight.  Make sure everyone is okay with taking a bath before doing this chore or wait until in the morning so that it can soak while no one is using it. 

If you have multiple bathrooms with showers then,clean the shower head that used the most.  Save the others for another time.  We don’t need angry people in the house if they can’t take a shower and you are soaking two out of the two shower heads. 

Cleaning the Shower Head

1.  Unscrew the shower nozzle.  Pour vinegar into a small plastic trash bag or grocery bag. 

2.  Place the shower head in the bag.

3.  Tie the bag up in a knot or using rubber bands to secure it in the bag.

4.  In the morning, scrub off the rust and build up with an old toothbrush and water. 

5.  If you see build up in the holes of the shower head take a toothpick and poke out the build up.

6.  Rinse with water in the sink and reconnect the shower head.

This isn’t something that you need to do often but it is a chore that is rarely thought off but a necessity.

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