New Product by Yoplait

If you are part of the website Psst! General Mills Program you may have something arriving in your mailbox pretty soon. 

I was so excited  to see these coupons in the mail.

I received 10 coupons for $1.25 each package of Smoothies and also a coupon for a free bag.  I had to go the grocery store today anyway to get bread, milk, and bananas so I of course wasn’t going to let this coupon sit around and get lost.  Once I got to the Publix, I also noticed that these were 2 for $5.00.  I didn’t want to use my other coupons and  spend $1.25 on these if I didn’t like them so I got my free bag with the other coupon and headed home.

Once we got home, the boys and I added the mix and milk to the blender and made us a smoothie to share.

Amazing!  It was very easy and tasted really good.  I will definitely try these again and hopefully Publix will have these as a buy one get one free deal soon.

If you aren’t part of the Psst Program I highly recommend it.  Just like this promotion you can receive many other great offers in the mail.

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