Help with Blog Giveaways

Do you blog and have a hard time wondering how to start giveaways?  Well, I have been there and know exactly how you feel.

I am very excited to have had a wonderful response to the giveaway sponsorship that was sent out to several companies through e-mail last month and this month so far.  I can’t wait to get them in the mail, review them, and then give them away. 

It’s hard to get companies to credit bloggers as a type of media mainstream.  If you sit and think about it we do a lot of advertising through blogging that we don’t get paid for it.  We just enjoy sharing our opinions and reviews so that others will know what is out there.

I love to do reviews and I also love to try new products so I set out on a mission to find companies that I like and see if they were willing for me to review their products and also sponsor a giveaway.   This was thanks to advice from  Money Saving Mom.    She taught me basically that if I like, ask for it.  It never hurts to ask.

There have been tons of companies that I have contacted that have not responded or they have responded and it is they say, ” Sorry we do not do sponsorships for blogs at this time.”  I won’t mention any names but I will remember who you are.  LOL! 

It can be very frustrating but if you are persistant and motivated you can find companies that are more than gracious to give you products and for however more than you requested.

Here are a few tips that I have learned.  Of course, I am still not at the great giveaway step because it is a learning process that will take time.  We will make mistakes along the way but that is how we learn.

1.  Look In Magazines

       Look through some of my favorite magazines such as, Family Circle, All You, and many more to see if there are any products that you would love to try.  That is how I did the Beauty Alert Giveaway.  I saw the product and thought it was a great idea.  I knew that I had a ton of friends that have never seen this product that would also love to see it or hear what I had to say about it. 

2.  Go On The Products Website

        Do a little research.  Make sure this is a product that will be noticed by your readers and commented on.  Make sure it is something that you also think is a great idea while searching through all the information on the site.  Don’t advertise something that you know you wouldn’t like. 

3.  Find The CONTACT US Tab.

       There is always a contact us button.  Sometimes there is also a contact form so you do not have to pull up your email and copy the email address.  If there is not an email address available there may be a phone number that you can call.  Here is a little advice about calling.  I have tried calling and there are times that you may get someone on the other end of the line that can’t help, doesn’t understand, or is just not willing to be helpful.  I have found that e-mailing can get you to the right person or at least forwarded to someone who will respond.

4.  Make It Worth It For The Company

      Do a review!  Reviews are great for your readers.  It informs them why you would recommend that product, the likes and dislikes, how they can also get the product, and so forth.  I would rather hear what someone else has to say about a product before going into a store, spending my hard earned money, and disliking terribly.  That is the same for your readers. 

5.  Make Sure You Have Closed The Conversation

     Leave no questions unanswered.  Make sure you know when the company will send the product, if they have any requests, if they have a banner or pictures you can use, etc.  You want to be able to get the product, review it, and post your giveaway as soon as possible so that your readers can take advantage of the opportunity and you can see what they think also.

6.  Link The Giveaway.

      Make sure you send an email to the company so that they also have a link to the giveaway.  If you ever want to request another product to review they will have a reference to the past giveaways you have done for them.  Also thank them again for the opportunity. 

7.  Always Follow Through

Always follow through with the giveaway.  Giveaways are a great way to get traffic but if you do not follow through to the end then it will probably be your last.  I set a date during the month to have all giveaways sent out by that date so that it allows me the time to get packaging material, the winners address, and travel time to send it.  

8.  Shipping

      Money Saving Mom also informed me that you should require the company to send out the giveaway instead of sending it out yourself instead the shipping costs coming out of your pocket.  This was a lesson learned.

9.  Package Well.

       When you send out your giveaway to the winner don’t just through it together and hope they get it.  Send a thank you note for participating and make sure the packaging is done so that it is delivaried to them unharmed.

I hope that this will help you when trying to offer giveaways on your blog.   If you have any questions please feel free to email me at or post a comment on this post.

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  1. Hi! Thanks for the article. I have also gone on Business Wire and looked through hundreds of retail press releases and contacted companies that way. I recently contacted a green toy company that is expanding their line. The good thing about press releases is that it usually lists a contact person, email and phone number. Most of the time it’s an agency.

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