$5 Target Gift Card Giveaway

I absolutely love Target and especially the dollar section. 

If you like Target as much as I do here is a giveaway for you. 

To Enter:

1.  Post a comment on this giveaway post about this site.  What you like about the site or what you want to see more of, etc.


2.  Post a fun indoor activity that you do with your kids with this cold winter weather.

Deadline for entries is January 17, 2010 (Which is my birthday!)  at midnight.

Yep that’s it!  Way too easy.

Coupons Inc.

136 Responses

  1. Those rainy, cold winter days are perfect to play cards with your kids. Even the little ones will learn to count and recognize their numbers. As they get older the adding comes along. Then the problem solving. Try it you’ll like it. And cards are easy to throw in your purse for those find something to keep them busy moments.

  2. Target is the best….How about the new Targets with the great market centers. Thank you for helping us save big bucks….

  3. Happy almost birthday!
    I love target, the prices are ah-mazing! Most groceries are bought there in my home.

  4. How about more saving money tips?

  5. I’d love to see more toddler related giveaways!

  6. We like to stay indoors and play board games, and of course, hide and go seek.

  7. i LOVE Target!!1

  8. This website gives me alot of ideas and i love it, My daughter is only 11 months so our fav indoor activity is playing with all her toys.

  9. We love target too. We build a marble race game (my son loves this game and it takes a good 20 mins from scratch) and do jigsaw puzzles when it is cold outside! You can post your giveaways on my blog too! http://www.postyourgiveaway.com

  10. My absolute weakness is the dollar spot, however I like their clothes clearance racks as well.

  11. I love the daily chore segment of your blog!

  12. I always like to see ideas for how we can “go green” while being frugal.

  13. I love all the ideas I get from this site, including recipes, money saving ideas and ways to stay sane as a mom!

  14. We play a lot of games, especially Apples to Apples.

  15. Just found your site and am looking forward to searching through it. My girls and I love to have pj parties with movies, board games, and spa nights. We also work on our menus together by picking the meals they would like to have and then practicing making them or the desserts that would go with it.

  16. I practically LIVE at Target!

  17. i love to cook with my kids. turning on the oven helps warm up the house!

  18. I like how easy your site is to navigate. It is very easy and user-friendly.

  19. We like to go to Chick Fil A for an icecream cone and the indoor playground!

  20. Indoor bowling with toilet paper and paper towel tubes.

  21. I only go to target for the dollar isle. Never been to this site before. Hope to win!

  22. I love shopping at Target , I’ve found some really cute clothes there! Indoor activity: baking cookies!

  23. I get a bowl full of snow and hide magnet letters in it. My daughter loves using a spoon or measuring cups to find her letters in the show.

  24. Love the Target tips!

  25. Most fun indoor activity this winter: painting an entire wall in our kitchen with chalkboard paint. My five year old daughter and two and a half year old son claimed the bottom half and the grownups use the top half (although we mix it up, too!). So useful and truly so much fun for our children every day.

  26. I love their jackets!

  27. We play board games and card games. : )

  28. We build forts and hideout in them.


  29. We love to make Snow Cream!!!! YUMMO! Thanks for the giveaway!

  30. Fun indoor activity to do with your kids this winter…make snow cream! Get some (clean) snow, put it in a dish, add a bit of milk or half and half, some vanilla extract, and some powdered sugar. Best to do that IMMEDIATELY after snowfall to get the cleanest snow!

  31. We go sledding down the hill in the winter.

  32. I just found your site! I love it all ! Target is my favorite store hands down. The $1 bin is so fabulous for so many things.. My boys love it there too!

  33. Indoor activity:
    playing with homemade chocolate playdough is our absolute favorite… and for obvious reasons!

  34. I love Target and spend way too much money in there… for which I make no apologies! 🙂

    • Okay, so I misunderstood what I was suppose to comment about. I will try again! I love being made aware of amazing deals via email through The Parents and Kids website. 😉

  35. Just discovered this site and will now be exploring it as a result of the giveaway! 🙂

    We love to take Cool Whip and food coloring on baking trays and draw pictures, practice letters, etc…

  36. I love all the giveaways on this site!

  37. Indoor Activity: Bath time during the day with crayola tub crayons! The kids love coloring on the walls and it checks another thing off your list of things to do. Soooo much fun!

  38. I love all the games!

  39. I like Frugal Spending section. Great place to find heads up information, coupons and deals.

  40. indoor activity:
    making animals out of cardboard tubes.

  41. games, games and more games. my whole family loves games.

  42. Indoor: We’ve come up with a new game, playdough people. Basically we shape each other into various positions. My 3 year old is entertained for an hour doing this.

  43. My favorite activity in cold weather is to take the kids sledding at a local park!

  44. we love to build forts! Just pile up blankets on chairs and puch them together- presto!

  45. I love this sit. My fav is when you do giveaways like the target card. Such a great idea!

  46. Thank you so much for providing a resource for parents. Living in The Land of the Small Folk can get rough sometimes; it’s nice to have support.

  47. Your site is easy to get around and that is important to me. My kids are teens now but game playing and cooking together is still a fun thing that we all enjoy

  48. My little guy is only 4 months so we do a lot of reading together 🙂

  49. We act out movies and have them end the way that we may like them too rather than how they actually end.

  50. We have been doing family movie night – a lot!! We also will just go and sit down in children’s rooms and play with them – which is something that doesn’t get to happen very often because of busy schedules!

  51. (I love the Target dollar section too!)
    I am just discovering this site – what a wonderful site for family fun ideas!! (I am always looking for new yummy frugal recipes too – can’t wait to check that out!)

  52. We’ve been doing redbox nights. With all the free codes we’ve been getting free movies for the night and watching them, while sipping on hot cocoa……..
    For the little ones that stay home, we’ve been playing with some of their new Christmas toys. Funny thing is the fancy ones don’t get played with as much as the simple building blocks and army men!

  53. my kids have just discovered a love for building forts, so on a cold day, we create a fun fort.

  54. My 9yo daughter likes to make up games using balls or stuffed animals. Recently she made up a game that we toss the object and she made lines for different pt. levels on the floor. She has a really good imagination. We also love to read, do a puzzle, or paint on canvas.

  55. My 1 & 3 year olds love to play hide & seek with me- the oldest counts & the 1 year old & I hide. We all have a blast.

  56. Baking is great for cold afternoons! Last week we made cut out cookies and the kids loved choosing shapes and rolling out the dough, and of course, frosting like crazy!

  57. Love the childrens clothes and the $1 section.

  58. When we can’t play outside … I create an indoor obstacle course for my twins! Using hula hoops, boxes, painters tape, etc. etc. we expend their energy that way 🙂 Love Target, by the way!

  59. More kid activities

  60. we like to play board games

  61. My kids like to bring books and board games into our bedroom and then get under the covers and read and play games.

  62. My girls & I are into board games! We love to get new ones for Christmas and spend DAYS playing them!

  63. Love all the coupon deals! Thanks for saving us money 🙂

  64. We make up obstacle courses that go throughout the entire house- it’s easy because you can always change it up to make something new and exciting!

  65. we play dress-up! and come up with all kinds of characters and perform for each other!

  66. I like the font on the header for your website and all the great deals!

  67. we have lots of playdates with our friends so the girls don’t go crazy!

  68. I love your daily chore page

  69. I like taking my two year old to the library. They have story time and also a fun little area with toys. He likes playing with something different and is also really starting to get into the books.
    Something I’m going to try is taking him to the indoor aquatic center to try out the pool.

  70. I love that you offer great things like giveaways on here! 🙂

  71. We bake!! I love to bake, so doing it with my girls just comes naturally. Muffins, cookies, desserts – they all keep us warm (and full!) inside!

  72. We love Target – especially for birthday presents and play clothes for boys. We’ve been wearing our boots and snow pants for the last 3 weeks!

  73. Site looks great. We love to bake together. Also love to shop at Target.

  74. I like to blow bubbles in the house for my toddler. If I use the long lasting bubbles like Gymbo Ooodles, he can practice catching them on a plastic spoon. A fun game and great for his development!

  75. This is my first time visiting. I found you through moneysavingmom. your web-site is super easy to navigate, and very “clean” looking thanks windi

  76. We love to go to Target to the $1 section at the front of the store and pick out a “goodie” of the week.

  77. We use chairs and blankets to pitch a “tent” in the living room. Then we eat our lunch inside of it.

  78. we play hide and seek on cold days, my two little ones are still young enough that they think I can’t find them when they are on the couch with their eyes covered:) It’s great, it gives me some moments of quiet .

  79. I’d love to win the gift card to give to my mom because she’s so good to me. I live in Guam and have a hard time buying certain things, and she’s always great about getting items for me. (she just bought and sent me 2 boxes of washing soda so I can try and make my own laundry detergent). I love her a lot, and this would be a small way to say thanks!

  80. We like to blow bubbles in the shower since it’s too cold to head outside and do that!

  81. We got the kids a Wii for Christmas. We love Just Dance. It gets everyone moving and grooving!

  82. We like to draw and read in the winter

  83. My daughter and I love baking. We put on our matching aprons, make a big mess, and eat lots of cookie dough. She loves it.

  84. i love building forts!

  85. You have a great variety of recipes, crafts, deals and so much more. Love your blog! This is my first time here.

    Thanks for the giveaway opportunity.

    I posted this on my blog: http://myreasonstoblog.blogspot.com/2010/01/giveaways-galore.html

  86. I love that you take the time to do posts raising awareness about breast cancer.

  87. First of all Happy Birthday! I trust it will be a wonderful year.
    We used to make tents with blankets and couch pillows or dining room chairs. That always made the house look messy but the kids loved it. We would also have “Picnic” lunches inside in the winter. That would consist of eating lunch on a blanket in the family room with paper plates. Just something to change it up a little bit.

  88. This is my first time visiting. I found you through moneysavingmom.

    During the winter months I always make sure to have a supply of puzzles for the kids(you can even make your own with oaktag glue and scissors. Play dough and coloring also keeps them busy and me sane.

    I really think your daily chore idea is unique(I had a hard time finding it though). I also thought the waffle idea was a cute out of the box solution to a problem. The winter snowman looks like something that my 10 year old could do with minimal involvement. Definitely some cute ideas.


  89. I like making hot dogs for lunch on a Saturday in our fireplace, followed by a monopoly marathon.

  90. I have dance parties with my toddler to get the energy out, but lately he’s really into reading books and doing puzzles.

  91. I love the fact that your site is about “the Parent’s” so many of the web sites are just the mom’s it is good to know that you are both involved in the children’s upbringing. I would love to stretch the dollars at Target with your giveaway. I would like to see more on fun ideas of what to do with kids.

  92. I love Target. Thanks For the chance at winning. Neverwon anything, Thanks Again for the chance

  93. Something we do to entertain ourselves in the long winter months is to have scavenger hunts around the house.

  94. I love Target! Thanks for the giveaway! I love your daily chores section and the teaching our kids section

  95. first time visit here.. look wonderful and will look around more later 🙂 I love TARGET!

  96. I love the devotionals and the chore charts! Great website!!

    Thanks for the giveaway opportunity!


  97. I really love when it’s so cold out to put up a tent in the living room for the boys, make smores in the fireplace, and play board games in the tent with lanterns! The boys love it and so do we.

    I love Target!

  98. Love going to target and wish I could buy more. You have a nice, informative website.

  99. fun activity with my kid?….we go to indoor payground around here…eat and nap…and we both love target.

  100. i love target…

  101. We like to read, watch movies, and learn how to do puzzles when it’s cold out.
    whitney dot archer at gmail dot com

  102. I like the fun, family focus of this blog. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to have fun as a family.

  103. Thanks for the great website. I love Target I get my childrens clothes there 🙂

  104. I love the dollar section – espcially their childrens things… and I also love their baby clothes!

  105. I like the devotionals and chores list on this site!

  106. This seems like such a fun site. I like the craft ideas, recipes, and the organization links.

  107. First time here…love it {{thumbs up}} I love all your info so far. Cant wait to read on. Thanks for the chance to win. Target is my top 3 stores I luv!

  108. I love that you have the category on teaching our kids. This is a very informative and helpful link!! =)

  109. I love all the tips on saving money!

  110. I like the free charts. Thanks and happy early birthday!!

  111. It’s the “cheap” and the “free” that get me!!!!

  112. practical giveaways like this are so nice! thanks! …i’ve been to target once…would love this excuse. 🙂

  113. I like the daily chores list. Sometimes it inspires me to actually do a chore around here!

  114. I LOVE Target epecially the book section.

  115. I would like to see more recipes and less craft stuff. And happy birthday!

  116. I appreciate your devotionals!

  117. I like your recipe ideas and when you recommend good websites. I’m always looking for safe places for my kids to visit.

  118. I so love your site and the Frugal Spending and I would love to see more on the Breast Cancer Awareness Thanks for a great giveaway lvn777 at charter dot net

  119. I love Target for their best prices, clean,organized and well maintained stores.

  120. I love finding items for my classroom in the Target dollar aisle. A dollar goes a long way!

  121. i LOVE target. everything about target.

  122. I love the giveaways the best-it is fun to try to win things for the family and know I am helping save money too!

  123. I love the creative craft ideas you have. It really helps me think of things to do to beat the winter blues. I also love the “eating from the pantry challenge.” We decided to do this too and it has really helped us use up a lot of food that we needed to rotate out. Thanks for your great site!

  124. First time visitor. Looking around now.

    Thanks for considering me!

  125. More giveaways and easy dinner ideas maybe? Thanks for your site!

  126. I love target coupons!

  127. I really like your free books category.

  128. I really appreciate that I can find cute, quality clothes at Target while shopping for other household necessities.

  129. I love that your web-site is super easy to navigate, and very “clean” looking.

    Thanks for the chance to win!!!!


  130. Love coupon deals!!

  131. love all the tips for saving at Target!

  132. love all the help that is posted here. Lots of ways to save at Target!

  133. Love the Target dollar isle and their Market Pantry products!

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