Kids Craft: Snowman Sock

I swear my washing machine and dryer are keeping our socks. We always have socks that never seem to find their match. I went through the socks today and found two of their Dad’s socks that didn’t match and we made snowmen.

Using what we have:
sock, fuzzy twisties (pipe cleaners), rubber bands, felt, makers, fuzzy balls, markers, pillow stuffing and eyes.

Here are our steps to making our snowmen. My three year old had a little help but he did a lot of it himself.

Cut the ruffled part of the sock to use as the snowman's hat

Stuffing the sock

Use the fuzzy ties and twist for the head

Cut the felt to make the scarf

Glue fuzzy balls to snowman

One Response

  1. Love, love, love these!! We are going to do this soon with Emma and Bella!!

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