Beauty Alert Giveaway Winners

And the winners are…

Lisa R – sibabe64@

Vmichells – foreverymayyourun@

I will email you for your mailing address to get your packets out ASAP.  Thanks to everyone that entered.

I have fallen for this product and love it. Beauty Alert has given enough packets for two people to win. Here are your guidelines.

1. Click here to view the Beauty Alert website.
2. Type a comment on this post.

Because the holidays I am going to give this giveaway a little longer to run because I know everyone is busy. This giveaway will last until Sunday, December 28th at midnight eastern central time.

I contacted the company Beauty Alert about their product I noticed in one of my subscription magazines. I wanted to know if they would be willing to provide enough product for a giveaway plus a product for me to review. The result were outstanding. Stacy Silverman was more than willing to provide enough product for not just one winner but two. She got everything to me in the mail ASAP and is excited to see the response from this giveaway. It was a welcoming feeling that she was so gracious.

I NEVER put labels on my beauty products. Being an Avon representative I have an advantage to try new products from Avon before the consumer can purchase the products. I get a new mascara and try it and when another one comes available I then try it ,leaving the older one still in my drawer for later use. THAT IS A NO NO of course.

After receiving this product in the mail I did a little research and I wanted to know what makes the product a great idea other than because I now love it.

1. Did you know that currently the FDA does not require cosmetic companies to put expiration dates on their products? I never paid attention to it but it is probably because it has never been there. The FDA does have guidelines for expiration dates but do not require it to be put on packaging of skincare or cosmetic products.

2. Did you know that research has shown that liquid eyeliner and mascara last up to three months before bacteria breeds to hazardous levels? Think about it, you put it in your eyes or eye lashes and then you stick the wand back into the bottle for continuous uses. That can’t be good!

3. Did you know that there is a product out there that can help you remember when to throw it away before breeding that nasty bacteria? I didn’t until now. It is called Beauty Alert.

Stacy sent me several packets with each packet containing,
Quantity of 6 – 3 month stickers
Quantity of 6 – 6 month stickers
Quantity of 6 – 12 month stickers
Quantity of 6 – 18 month stickers
To also help, each sheet has the life of how long the cosmetics will last.

If you would like to order this product you can go to  

Thank you Stacy and Beauty Alert for these giveaway products!

12 Responses

  1. I love freebies!

  2. What a great idea. I always have to stop and think about when to get rid of things. I will definitely be ordering.

  3. I never thought of this. I think it is a great idea. I need to get some of these stickers. I will go through my cosmetics and check for any expirations. Thanks for the info. I hope I win. A great organization tip for the new year.

  4. I never really new about expiration dates on makeup. This is a great idea.

    sibabe64 at ptd dot net

  5. This sounds like a great way to keep your makeup in order! Whether I win or not, I will be using this product!!

  6. Love this, what a great idea!

  7. WOW! I love this idea!! This would be a great thing to have. Now that I have kids its hard to keep anything straight…let alone keeping track of how old my make up is!!

  8. Fantastic idea. I add the makeup to my bag and I forget when I added it. This is perfect and I will never be using old makeup!

  9. Ooh, I’d love to win!

    mnewton1985 at aol dot com

  10. What a great idea. I had no idea make up went bad that quickly. I definitely need to go through my drawer!
    Deb P.

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