Potatoes Made New

I love finding new ways to eat the same old thing.  Baked potatoes are great but if they are by themselves they are bland.  Here are some different toppings to try for your next meal.  

*I encourage you to also let your children help top the potatoes or come up with their own mixture.* 

1. Ranch dressing, tomatoes, cheese

2. Pepperoni,  mushrooms, cheese

3. Ham, egg, bacon bites

4.  Beans or chili, Cheese

5.  Pulled pork, barbeque sauce, cheese, sour cream

Another idea is for you to set up a little bar so that each member can load their own potato with all the toppings they like.  There are so many different ways to add to a potato for a great side dish or meal.  

 Do you try something a little different on your potatoes?

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