I didn’t post much yesterday because we got a new family member.  A PUPPY!  The kids were ,and still are, so excited.  To celebrate I found a couple sites that may help if you have a new puppy in the family.

Purina: Long Live Your Dog Program:

  • A $2 coupon good towards any Purina® Puppy Chow® brand Puppy Food formula
  • Monthly tips and advice customized to your puppy’s age here on the Healthy Start Program page
  • Optional emails with links to helpful articles and special offers
  • Access to fun pictures, videos and stories of puppies like yours
  • Pedigree:  Puppy Program

  • Over $10 in instant savings
  • A subscription the PEDIGREE® Puppy Scoops® e-newsletter
  • A downloadable Puppy Care Guide
  • A special gift for your puppy when he reaches adulthood
  • Click here Free SoBe Dog Tag for your puppy

    Click here to get a free Pet Decal

    Also please remember, when you are searching for a new dog, go to the animal shelter and take a look at the many puppies they have available.  Many need homes and will be great for the family.  That is were we found ours. 

    Oh yeah…  We named him BOONE ( like Boone and Crocket).  LOL

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