Now that Thanksgiving is over we are on our way to Christmas.  Yes, it is one thing after another. 

Just relax and enjoy celebrating what Christmas is all about.  I realize there will be tons of stuff to do before Christmas as always but if it wasn’t for our SAVIOR there wouldn’t be a Christmas right?

To start this Christmas planning off to a good warm start lets make a plan so that we don’t over do ourselves and can still remember the purpose.

First things first.

Plan a day that you can sit down as a family a remind everyone the meaning of Christmas.  Pull out children books to read about Jesus being born, color pictures, read out of the Bible.

****Here goes my list making agian…..

1.  Click here and play the video to the right to see a cute video to help remember the holidays during our catalog shopping events.

2.  Click here if you are interested in reading a book during the holiday that represents the birth of Jesus.

3.  Click here to print tons of nativity scenes for your children to color.

These are just a few ideas to start.  Don’t get me wrong I love Santa Claus and of course my kids love him more. They go and sit in Santa’s lap to give him their long wish list and we sit out cookies so he doesn’t get hungry the night of Christmas.  It is so much fun to share this with them but we should also teach them the other side of the story so that when they grow up they can still enjoy Christmas.  If you know what I mean!

Stay tuned for more to come during this wonderful Christmas year!


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