Last Minute Thanksgiving List

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving and there is so much to do. I have made a list to help with last-minute preparations.

1. Cook what you can today such as, appetizers, desserts,and soups. You can warm them in the microwave before everyone gets there. Remember this is about family so you don’t want to spend the whole day on Thanksgiving cooking.
                                          Turtle Pumpkin Pie Recipe
                                          Ritz Cracker Stuffing

2. Make sure you have a pumpkin atmosphere such as, pumpkin centerpiece, pumpkin spice candles, Thanksgiving crafts the kids made. Click here to get those homemade crafts started. You can also Click Here to sign up for crafts.

3. Do you have everything ready to make your turkey? Click here if you need Turkey 101.

4.  Make sure the house is clean especially the bathrooms.  People spend more time staring at things in your bathroom more than any other room in the house.  I guess it is because they are alone.

5.  Click here to see Thanksgiving 911 to avoid Turkey day disasters.

5.  And best tip of all that I can give is MAKE A LIST!!  This will help when you are standing there saying, ” I know there was something I was supposed to do but I just can’t remember!” 

If you need more holiday planning ideas you can click here or search the web by typing in thanksgiving tips.

I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving with their families.   


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