Our Straw and Rice Lesson

I received an email from  my six-year old’s teacher stating that he had a great day but during lunch he decided to put rice in a straw and shoot it across the lunch room table.  So by the end of the day he wasn’t on green but ended up on yellow.

When we got home from school I sat down with him and explained why we don’t do that at school.  He kept saying, “But Momma it was fun.”  I couldn’t agree with him more that it would be fun to do that but, still that was something that you didn’t do at school.

So,  to encourage better behavior at school I suggested that if he found something that looked fun to do but knew he would get in trouble for it at school then it needed to wait until he got home and we would talk about it.  If I agreed it would be fun, then we would do it as a craft, science or just for fun project.

And that is how these pictures came to play…..

Straw and rice 002

We cooked rice and gathered four straws

Straw and rice 001

And then saw who could shoot them!

We had so much fun with this.  You might think that this is silly but ,if it will keep him from doing silly things at school and we can make them fun things in the backyard to do, then it was worth it.

After we finished I asked him what he learned from this and he said that from now on instead of doing it at school and getting in trouble he would remember and tell me about it at home.  He also said it was better doing it at home anyway.  So, my plan worked.


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