Fleece Tie Blanket

Every year I work on a new Fleece Tie Blanket.  These are great for Christmas gifts or to give to your local shelters.  The closer it gets to Christmas you will see fleece price getting cheaper.  My kids and I went to the fabric store and I let them pick out a pattern for their Dad’s birthday.  That was fun especially since they both wanted two separate ones. 

We finally came to a compromise and decided to get him one that had deer on it.  They were so excited and ready to start the project.  We will be working on this off and on this week.  It really doesn’t take that long but with a six year old and three year old it takes longer. 

Would you like to make your own fleece blanket.  See below for instructions on how to do this.  I will post a picture of ours when it is completed so check back.

Things you will need:

2 yards of patterned fleece

2 yards of solid fleece

A pair of really good scissors


1.  Place one piece of fleece on top of the other on a flat surface ( I use the floor ).  Trim off any overlapping fabric so both pieces of fabric match. Try to cut in a straight line, but it doesn’t have  to be perfect ( mine never is).

2. Measure and cut out a 4 X 4 inch square of cardboard or heavy paper. This will be the length of the blanket fringe prior to tying. 

3.  Line up your cardboard square with a corner of your fabric. Using the square as a template, cut through both pieces of fleece around the square. Repeat with all four corners.

4.  Lay your ruler along the edge of the fleece and cut 1 into apart.  Cut a little ways through both pieces of fabric at each 1 inch interval.  Again this doesn’t have to be perfect. Cut the fringe at your 1-inch intervals along all four sides of the blanket. The depth of the fringe should match the depth of the corners.

5.  Make the blanket fringe by taking aligned pieces of fringe from each piece of fabric. Tie each fringe into a knot. Complete one side of  your blanket, and then each of the remaining three sides.

Again if this is easier for you to see images I will have it ready for you by the end of the week with pictures of the step by step process.  Just hang in there.  We are almost finished with ours.


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