Earn Free Products by scanning what you have already bought

I heard the doorbell ring this afternoon and my six year old looked out the window. He said, ” Mom it is somebody we don’t know but you need to come and look at his truck!”
I hurried to the door to see a UPS man standing there with a package. I laughed and smile at my son. “It is only the UPS man and that is the truck he delivers packages in,”  I explained.   He said, ” Just like Santa Claus?” I smiled again. The things that kids say.

Anyway, in that package was my Nielsen Homescanner that I have been waiting on and excited about. Nielson is a program that allows you to scan your purchases with their scanner and you earn reward points toward free products and more.  I am all about free stuff so I jumped on this program. I will keep you updated on the progress.

If you are interested in earning free stuff just by scanning stuff you have already purchased click on the image above to get on the waiting list.  Don’t wait and then have to wait longer on the list.  It’s free!!!


One Response

  1. YEAH. I can’t wait to see what you think! I’ve always wondered about the program.
    Good luck!

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