New info on the Caregivers Marketplace

After posting the Caregivers Marketplace a couple of weeks ago.  I had a question to ask them that several of you wanted to know.


I asked, “Is their rebate program just for parents of disabled, the elderly ,caregivers of elderly, or is it for parents of children also?”

Here is what Jennifer said from Caregivers Marketplace:

“Thanks for asking the question. Our rebate program truly is for everybody. The product selection was designed with family caregivers in mind, but anyone who purchases these products for himself or herself, or a loved one, can enroll in and use the program. This past year we noticed a lot of moms and dads of young children had joined the program, so we recently took a poll to find out if they would be interested in a spin off program with more baby and children’s items. The response was overwhelmingly “yes!” So, while Caregivers Marketplace will continue to serve the needs of family caregivers, the new rebate program (not yet named) will serve the needs of parents. I will definitely let you know when the parents program is up and running.

 Have a great week and thanks for posting!”



**** This of course has made me very anxious and excited by the response and for what is yet to come.  You know have your answer.  Parents can enroll in this program and get money back on everyday purchases.  I will keep you updated when the new program rolls out.  If you would like to sign up for this program click on the image above and it will send you to the caregiver website. 

Thank you Jennifer for all your help and quick response.


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