Thanksgiving Series Part 2


Thanksgiving Planning Series



Last week I said the we were going to work on making thanksgiving cards but first we have to do one more thing.  Every year everyone brings food instead of the host cooking all the food.  This is great because it frees up more time the day of Thanksgiving to spend time with family.  Who wants to cook all day?

There are some parts of Thanksgiving I look forward more than others.  My mother in law’s chicken casserole is great and I will definitely get the recipe for it this year and share with you all.

To help keep everything organized, Yes I’m a list person, I made an organized sheet that you can print and use.  This sheet is used to plan what food will be brought to make sure you have everything planned for the Thanksgiving meal.  You don’t want to have two sweet potato casseroles or two pumpkin pie desserts. 

I made this under Google docs.  Since my computer is not equiped with Microsoft Word I use Google to open and make Word docs.  It is free and very easy to use.  It you haven’t signed up for this yet it is free and I recommend this program.

Click here to get your free meal planner

Also, during this week I will be posting the new Thanksgiving cards for you to send out to your family members as a reminder for the date and time.

Click Here to get your free Thanksgiving recipe ebook.  These recipes will come in handy when you are trying to decide what you will make for the Thanksgiving meal.


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