Thanksgiving Series


Thanksgiving Planning Series

I love the holidays with the smell of fall cooking and beautiful colors in nature surrounding us with what God created. It makes you appreciate the things we have and the time we spend with our family and friends. The had part about the holidays is making that time to spend with everyone wonderful and without showing a lot of stress.

For the past years our family members come from all around Florida, Georgia, and South Carolina to celebrate thanksgiving as a family in our home. I really enjoy being able to have this at our house but sometimes there is pressure and anxiety the comes with a house full of guest. Especially when almost all are spending the night at my house.

This year I have decided to share with you the process of my Thanksgiving preparations and hopefully it will keep me in line and help you plan for yours. This series is open to comments and any ideas that you might have to help with this process.

With that being said lets start with the first part of the plan.

Setting the date and time for the get together.

You have to remember when preparing for a holiday gathering that you are planning with people who usually have another side of the family that they need to be with also. Call everyone and make a list of the times that are available for them and write them down. This is not the confirmation time but the available times. Work with each other and make sure you tell them that you will call back with a definite time when you have talked with everyone.

Click here to print your time slot planner.  I got this planner from   He is a wonderful leader that that God has on a mission to teach others how to get out of debt.  Check out his website for other wonderful tools.

After printing your time slot planner you can start working on the process.  See what times that everyone agrees with and then you will have a concrete time to start the party.  Allow everyone at the minimum of 30 minutes before eating so that the slower family members make it on time.

 This first step will be a load off once completed.  Check back next time for making announcements that are easy and within a great budget.


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