Devotional and Challenge: Comfort Zone

All while we are growing up we try to fit in.  We are taught to become comfortable with ourselves and find our group.  We did this all through high school and do it now in our work places and sunday school classes.  We even sit in the same place at church.  We get comfortable and what is comfortable makes us feel happy. 

I challenge you tomorrow to get out of your comfort zone and find a way to put yourself in an uncomfortale position.

If we are always in our comfort zone then we can never do what God has planned for us. 

For example, if we sit in the same place at church every Sunday with the same group of people on both sides then we never have a chance to meet that one person we could have met and made an impact on.  It’s just a thought to think about this week and a challenge that I have put myself in and hope that you can too.

I would love to hear your opinion or any references in the Bible that you know of, where God set someone out of their comfort zone and it made an impact in someone elses life.  I know of a few but would like to hear from you.  Bring others into this post if possible.  Lets share thoughts and messages on this subject.

I pray that anyone who reads this is challenged to move and see what happens.


One Response

  1. I really appreciate the challenge. I think God is sad at the way we pass people by. I was motivated today today to stop and chat with a neighbor I don’t normally say more than Hi to. She had a lot on her mind and after it was over I didn’t have any great words of wisdom, but I hope it helped her to talk.

    Thanks for the challenge!

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