Surviving the Holidays

I love my family very much but sometimes we run out of things to talk about and need a little boost. Last year I started having Thanksgiving at my house for my husband’s side of the family. Everyone comes from different areas and because we have plenty of room they all end up spending the night at my house. That is a total of 12 people in one house together. It can get cramped and aggrivating no matter how much you love them. Last year, I purchased a set from the Martha Stewart collection that included paper puzzle games and etc. The best part of that package was a conversation card that you passed around the table and asked each other questions. Some were funny and some were interesting. We learned a lot from each other. It was fun and with that many people in a house we needed something to lighten the mood.

Well, I got to looking for that set again this year and couldn’t find it. I searched every where. I had to find that conversation card. We would be bored if I couldn’t find it.

I still can’t find it and with my luck it will probably show up after Thanksgiving is over.

So,I then thought that now I had to come up with something myself and since we are on a saving money roll I had to do this craft on my own and as cheap as I could.

And wooohooo I did. Look below for this cards I created. My idea is to have the kids color the side with the picture and then fold it in half so that the questions are on one side and the picture is on the other. I only made seven cards. Six for the adults and one for the kids.  We will switch off the cards so that there are plenty of questions to ask each other. 

I included these cards for you to print and share with your family.  They can also be fun to try for a family night with less people.

7 Thanksgiving card1 Thanksgiving card2 Thanksgiving card3 Thanksgiving card4 Thanksgiving card5 Thanksgiving card6 Thanksgiving cardClick on the card twice to place it in a printable window.

I would love to know your thoughts on these cards and if you are able to use them for your family gathering.


2 Responses

  1. These are too cute! I think these are a really good idea. I’m printing mine out now!

  2. I love it! I have already printed them out and will definitely be taking them to our Thanksgiving gathering at my parents house! THANK YOU!

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