Thank you

I wanted to thank the people below for helping me get together all the donations for the Calvary Children’s Home that is located in Anderson, SC.

I delivered all the item’s today and they were so greatful for all the much needed items. This freed them up for a little while so that they can spend the funds that they receive on the children and other much needed items.

Thank you
Debbie Jordan
Dana Whitmire
and Serena Coleman at

I don’t blog about couponing much because there are so many resources out there to help everyone get free items or really cheap items. I usually look to three different websites to help me with this

Being able to go to these sites helps me coupon and get the items needed for several charities around town without having to pay a lot of money and sometimes nothing at all.

I advise all couponers that if you have any items you don’t need but can get them for free, stock up. Help someone else who can’t get out of the house for these items, or busy taking care of wonderful children all day like the Calvery Children’s Home.


This also is a great lesson to teach your children.

For example:

My 3 year old had gotten into some diapers that I was going to be giving away.  I told Cole what they were going to be used for and he asked if he could at least have one..  My husband, not realizing that is was part of my stash and that I told him he could have one for himself, told Cole to go and throw it away that he didn’t need diapers any more.

Cole’s response was, ” No we can’t throw this away.  There is a baby that doesn’t have a mommy and daddy and we are going to give it to them.”

Shane looked at me and said, ” Did you just hear way he said.”

With a great big smile I said, ” I sure did and Cole that is wonderful.”  He smiled and walked back to the diapers to it back.

What I hadn’t realized was that I was teaching my 3 year old how to give and care for others.  This was a blessing to me.


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