Crafts: The Mummy Craft

Craft Stick MummyI thought this was such a cute craft. Click here to see more.

** If highlighted in red then it is a comment from me.  You know I have to have an input.


Wire snips (I used sharp scissors since I couldn’t find my husbands wire snips)
Wooden craft sticks
Wooden craft spoons
Glue dots ( You can use glue.  It will take longer to dry but it can be easier to use with small children )
1 square yard of muslin torn into 1-inch-wide strips (this should be enough for at least 7 mummies)
Small googly eyes (if no googly eyes, use a permanent marker to draw little eyes)
Time needed: Under 1 Hour

Step 1 - Craft Stick Mummy 1. With the wire snips, trim 2 craft sticks to 2 1/2 inches for the arms and 2 more to 3 inches for the legs. Attach an arm and a leg to each side of a wooden craft spoon using 1 glue dot per limb.

2. Stick the end of a muslin strip to the skeleton with a glue dot and wrap the rest of the length around the wood, using another dot at the end. Wrap 4 or so more strips around the skeleton in this way. Use glue dots to attach googly eyes.


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