Sloppy Joe Biscuits Recipe

This is my own recipe so I really hope you and your family will enjoy it.  This meal cost me $5.00 to make.  I got the biscuits,meat, and sloppy joe mix all on sale.  Divide that by 4 people and It cost us $1.25 for each person.


1 can Hunt’s Manwich Origianl Sloppy Joe Sauce

1 pound hamburger meat

 1 cans Grands Pilsbury biscuits ( This will vary on how many comes in the can.  My can had eight)


How to:

1.  Follow the cooking directions on the can of biscuts.  While the biscuits are in the oven do the next following steps.

2. Brown your hamburger meat and then drain.

3. Put meat back into the pan and mix in the sloppy joe sauce and follow the cans directions.

4.  After the biscuits have cooled place the meat mixture inside the biscuits and enjoy!


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