Daily Chore: Dusting and cleaning the bookshelf

If you don’t have a book shelf but have a place where you showcase your books, you can do this chore also.  ( I know, we try to find ways to get out of doing it!)

1.  Take all the books off the shelves

2. Dust off with a rag or a dryer sheet.

3. Wipe down with a damp rag and then dry.

4.  Use furniture polish if the bookshelf or area is wood.  If not and it is metal, skip this step.

5.  Go through the books now lying on the floor.  I’m sure there are a few books or magazines that are no longer looked at.  Donate these to your local library or school.

6.  Dust off the books!!! Don’t just put those same dusty books on that wonderfully clean shelf.

7.  Place books back on the shelves.

And you are done!


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