Lesson: Being kind to mean people

Because I am a working mom I can’t pick up my six year old from elementary school every day as much as I would like.  Recently Austin mentioned that he hated riding the bus because the boys on the bus were mean to him and he would always have to sit by himself or away from them.  Granted these boys are in the third grade and talking to someone in 5k isn’t going to make them popular. 

So to lighten the mood I told Austin that every morning before getting out of the car to walk into the school building, we would pray about the bus.  We did this for several days and it got better.  Austin even commented that we needed to keep praying so that every day would be that good, so we continued.

I thought every thing was getting better until yesterday when he came home and said, “They were mean to me on the bus again today mom.”  I looked at him and said, ” Baby, maybe God is trying to teach us something and we don’t know what that is yet.”  He commented back and said, ” I took care of it myself.”  I then felt alarmed and my mind raced to the TOOK CARE OF MYSELF meaning.  He then continued with, ”  I looked at them when they were staring at me and said, ” What are you looking at!”  

At that point I didn’t know what to say.  Was I supposed to be proud of him because he was taking up for himself or mad because he did it the wrong way?  So after going through several thoughts I started to be happy because just as he was made at them for being mean to them, I was also mad at them for being mean to my little boy.  I said, ” Austin good job for taking up for yourself but maybe next time you should be a little bit nicer.”   Notice the little bit nicer that I added.  Not all the way nice but a little.

A little later Dad came home and while we were sitting at the table for supper I told Austin to tell his Dad what had happened today on the bus.  And he did.  Shane, my husband, just shook his head and said nothing.  I was a little upset that he didn’t congratulate him or tell him how he felt of the situation.  I let it go and thought this conversation wasn’t over and we would talk about it when we put the kids to bed which wouldn’t be too long.

We went about our evening until time to go to bed.  Shane went upstairs and started the devotional with the kids like every night.  I decided to stay downstairs and finish up some laundry and then come up when he was done.  I could hear him from downstairs reading out of the Veggie Tales Devotional book.  He was reading about Bob buying a new hat and on his way home it was knocked off and taken by the Mushroom brothers.  Then it started on the story about instead of being mad at the brothers that took the new hat they should be kind to them.  And that revenge isn’t the answer but that treating others with respect and kindness we can show them how to be kind.

This was such great advice for us and in perfect timing.  I think our lesson to learn was to be nice instead of mean and the reward will come in the end.  Not only did my son, Austin, learn the lesson but so did I.

Verses to check out:

Deuteronomy 32:35

Romans 12:9-21

Proverbs 25:21, 22

” But here is what I tell you.  Love your enemies.  Pray for those who hurt you.”  Matthew 5:44


One Response

  1. Thanks so much for sharing. I especially liked the verses – I will be sharing your story with my family tonight.
    I appreciate all the work you do.
    A sister in Chirst,
    Deb Postma

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