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I was at home getting some cleaning done and getting ready to fix supper when I heard the door bell ring.  Paranoid as I am, I snuck around the house so that I came from the back of the stranger and not from the front door.  I startled him.   But I didn’t care because I was the one that caught him off guard not the opposite.   As I was talking to him I saw two of the neighbors kids come running up to me asking if I would let my kids come out and play.

I told them to wait a minute so that I could listen to what the salesman had to say.  He was selling magazines which I do not need.  I brushed him off and told the kids to come in side for a minute.  As the children were walking, the little boy said, ” If he is going to my house that will not be good, because there is no one there.” 

Being a mother my heart stopped and I firmly said,” Hush, Come here for a minute.”  I calmed down and asked where they were.

He said, ” We are staying with our Grandmother (which was also our neighbor) while mom goes to the store.”

I then explained to both of the children how you never tell a stranger that your parents aren’t home even if you are not staying there right now.   They both agreed that it wasn’t a good idea to confront the stranger. 

I told them I would watch them while they headed back to their Grandmother’s house and not to come back out until they knew the stranger had left the neighborhood.

I was just glad that I was home when the salesman came through the neighborhood.  He may not have been a bad person, but you never know now a days.

Kids always need to be reminded of the importance of not talking to strangers.  Here are some things that you can mention to your children no matter what their age.

1.  NEVER talk to strangers.

2.  Just because Mommy and Daddy talk to them does not mean that they are our friends.

3.  Always let an adult answer the door.

4.  Never tell a stranger that your parents aren’t at home.

5.  NEVER take candy from strangers unless your Mommy and Daddy are present. (This one is important around Halloween time.)

6.  Always tell your Mommy or Daddy where you are going so everyone knows where you were last.

7.  Memorize your home phone number and street address

8.  Memorize your Mommy and Daddy’s whole names.

There are so many more tips that our chidren need to know to keep safe.  If you have other ideas please share them. 


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