Daily Chore: Toilets


Okay, I know it is Saturday and you need a break but lets do this one chore and be on our way.  I hate cleaning toilets with a passion it is up there on the list with laundry but it has to be done. 

1.  Pour a small bucket of clean water in the toilet and flush.

2.  Squirt toilet cleaner inside toilet and use the toilet brush to clean.

3.  Do not let the cleaner sit in the toilet too long because it can change your toilet bowl a different color ( learned from personal experience)

4.  Wipe the outside with antibacterial wipes or all-purpose cleaner.  Make sure you get the back of the toilet, the screws, and all around the bottom.

And then you are done.  I know this will take longer then our normal 10 minute chore but it will be an instant gratification chore and you will be happy you got it done.


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