Meals for the week under $35.00


Using the Publix in my area, I went through the sales ad and made a  menu for this week.    Some of these items I have coupons for and the links are posted to help you.  I used this Menu Plan for this certain week but it is also great to pick from on other weeks.

Shopping List:

Meal Deal Combo: Rotisseria Chicken, 16 oz. Red Potato Salad, 16 oz. Baked Beans, 4 Rolls  $8.99 – $3.00 coupon= $5.99 ( Coupon: Food Lion $3.00 off

Meat:  Pork Loin $1.99 lb., Ground Round $2.99 lb.

Seafood: Tilapia $4.00 lb.

Isle 2:  Publix Brand Salsa $ 2.50 , Del Monte Canned Green Beans $0.65, Del Monte Canned Corn $0.65

Isle 4: Easy Mac & Cheese $1.70, (2)Uncle Ben’s Ready Rice $1.33 – 1.00 coupon (

Back Isle: Sharp Chedder Cheese

Isle 12: Publix Brand Tortilla Chips $ 2.00

Isle 13: Loaf Bread ( I love the Publix Honey Wheat Brand)

Isle Fresh Veggies and Fruit:  Broccoli $ .99 lb.  ( the frozen is not on sale but can be a lot quicker then fresh)

There are other great coupons listed at

Meal Creations:

Monday: Chicken Combo Meal, Easy Mac & Cheese  ( do not use the potato salad- it will be used for Tuesdays meal.)

Tuesday: Tilapia, Uncle Ben’s Ready Rice, Broccoli

Wednesday: Pork Loin, Publix Potato Salad ( from meal combo), Canned Green Beans ( I love to mix these with Italian Dressing for a flavor. Use about 4 tbsp. per can.)

Thursday: Use the left overs from the Pork Loin to make a sandwich the way you like it.

Friday: Beef Salsa: Ground Round, Salsa, Corn, Cheese, Tortilla Chips


Beef Salsa:

1. Brown Beef, drain.

2. Put back in pan and mix in salsa and corn.  Top with cheese.  When cheese is melted it is ready to eat.


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