Crafts: Winter Stock Pile

Milk jugtoilet-roll

It is almost that time again when we get snowed in at home or stuck on a cold winter day with nothing to do.  The kids energy is at full force and with no release there could be major problems.  Here are some things that we need to start stock piling around the house so that when those days come we are geared and ready.

1. Milk jugs: be sure to wash these out before putting away.

2. Kleenex Boxes: A couple of tissues left in the box is ok.  There will be plenty of use for those also.

3. Paper towel tubes and toilet paper tubes

4.  Coffee filters

5. Pasta jars, pickle jars, etc.

6.  A couple of cans.  I do not recommend cans that can leave a place for your child to get cut on.

7.  CD’s or DVD’s that are no longer in use.  These are great for creative mobiles and other ideas.

8.  Newspaper.

9.  Shoe Boxes

All the items above are wonderful used items that can be used again to create wonderful creative tools for projects.

If you have other ideas I would love to hear them.


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