No Peek Beef in Crockpot or Oven

I was told of a great recipe while chatting with friends and scrapbooking.  It’s amazing what you can learn while you are also doing crafts.  Anyway see below for this very quick, easy, and inexpensive recipe.


1 can Campbells french onion soup

1  can Campbells golden mushroom soup

1 to 1 1/2 lbs. of stew beef

Carrots , Onions, and Mushrooms

Garlic Salt

Noodles or Rice


Put Carrots, Onions, and Mushrooms at the bottom of the pot then place the stew beef in crock pot.  Mix french onion soup and golden mushroom soup in a seperate bowl and then pour over stew beef.  Sprinkle garlic salt on top.  Cook on high for 5 hrs or in the oven on 250 for 5 hours.  DO NOT PEEK at the beef while cooking.

Cook to pasta or rice following the directions on the package.  I did this when the meat was finish and cooling so that everything would be cooled off and ready to eat.

We always want to peek at the beef, sometimes stir.  It makes us feel like we are putting more effort in making the meal.  The worst part about this recipe for me was that I could not look under my crockpot cover.  Crazy, I know,  but it was sooooo hard. 

It was a great recipe that the whole family loved.  My husband took the leftovers to work the next day.  Even the kids loved it.


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