Marshmallows: Teaching delayed gratification

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I was listening to my local christain radio station this morning when I heard a great tip from Crown Financial Ministries.  They told adults to place a marshmallow in front of them and wait 15 minutes then another, then another.   I thought it would be great to teach kids also the value of waiting by putting it into a game.  See below for a kid friendly version.

You take one marshmallow and place it in front of your child.  Tell them if they can wait 5 minutes without eating or touching the marshmallow in front of them then they will get another one.  After waiting 5 minutes give them another one and say if you can wait 10 minutes then you can have another one which will give them a total of 3.  Go through this  showing and explaining to your child that while instant gratification is good, if you wait it could be even better.

Trying this game after supper might not be the best option because of course their bellies are full.  I found the best time of the day is when they get home from school or playing outside.

Other treats are also great to use but I agree with this one because of the less sugar content.


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