Science Experiments for Kids: The Candy Project

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Instead of eating their treats for being good at school we decide to do a little experiment.  In this experiment we combined each of our candy choices into separate jars filled with hot water.  Austin had his 3 whoppers and Cole had his pepperment ( the kind that is pure sugar 😦 ). 
We watched until both jars had no candy left and it was just dirty water.
Then, we tried to use a coffee filter to filter the candy water into another jar.  This didn’t work that great because mine children were just not patient enough and we kept busting the filters when pouring too fast so, I took a paper dinner knapkin and used it instead.

What we noticed was that the pepperment liquid moved faster through the filter than the chocolate liquid and that because we used a filter the water was cleaner.

I also explained that this was almost like when we use a air filter for the air conditioner and how once it is filtered through we may not get the best air possible but it is much better than if we didn’t use one at all.

Both of my children loved this experiment.  Cole tried to drink his water but I was able to stop him although it wouldn’t have hurt him to do so.

During our different experiments Austin came up with the idea of making a journal to keep up with our fun experiments.

What is a fun experiment that you have tried lately?  Did you try this experiment with your child?  If so, what was the outcome?


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  1. this is too cute…I would like to do this with my daughter; my son on the other hand…..the candy wouldn’t make it to the jar.

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